Malaysia's Singer Elyana Struggles with High Cost of Cancer Treatment Amid Battle with Lymphoma

Malaysia ― Singer Elyana Emrizal has been battling cancer for over a decade. She is now concerned about the high cost of cancer treatment.

According to the 34-year-old, her doctors prescribed a specific treatment that would cost about RM50,000. Last week the singer of Kalis Rindu underwent the first round of chemotherapy. She will undergo the second round on Friday.

“I am told that I will need five sets of the RM50,000 treatment while I undergo the second round of chemotherapy. That means for medication alone, I will need to fork out RM250,000 in total. Honestly speaking, with the current pandemic, raising that amount seems impossible,” she said in a news report today.

In the meantime, the singer said that the first round of chemotherapy caused her to have massive headaches and poor eyesight, reported New Straits Times.

Elyana revealed in 2017 that she was suffering from stage 4 lymphoma cancer. The Dukun actress is a Stage 4 Lymphoma cancer survivor. Previously, she was unable to undergo chemotherapy as her body weight was too low.

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Elyana was able to bring her weight up to a healthy level after regaining her appetite. However, she was not prepared for the cost of chemotherapy.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/Elyana Emrizal

According to Harian Metro via, Elyana is currently in discussion with the manufacturers about the price. “It’s really hard now thank to the current conditions,” the artist said, referring to the pandemic situation.

“As an artist, I can’t get work like before. So, my source of income is affected.”

On Sept 21, the celeb said that she was having pain all over her body. She then underwent her first chemo session on Sept 24.

Although it went well, Elyana admitted there were side effects.

“After my first chemotherapy, my body felt weak. My stomach was hard and it disrupted my breathing,” she shared. “The (symptom) that affects me the most is when my vision gets blurry and causes me headaches.”

The doctor has not confirmed if the treatment has reduced the cancer cells, but Elyana remains optimistic.

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“It’s only the first session,” she pointed out. Elyana’s current concern is her food intake. She’s consistently hungry, but too much food makes her uncomfortable as well.

Despite the hurdles she faces, Elyana‘s determination and hope serve as an inspiration to many. As she continues her fight against cancer, her admirers are sending her love and positive energy, hoping for her full recovery and return to the stage.

Elyana‘s Cancer Battle Sparks Wave of Support 

Malaysian singer Elyana Emrizal’s ongoing battle with cancer has sparked a wave of compassion and solidarity within the community. As news of her expensive treatment spread, fans, fellow artists, and local organizations swiftly came together to offer support. Social media platforms became the hub of well-wishes and fundraising campaigns, while the music community and cancer support groups organized charity events to alleviate the financial burden of her medical expenses. Elyana‘s bravery in sharing her struggles has highlighted the need for accessible healthcare and support systems for those facing similar challenges.

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Elyana’s story stands as a testament to the incredible power of collective goodwill. The outpouring of support not only uplifts the singer in her fight against cancer but also sheds light on the importance of building a compassionate and caring community. As the journey continues, the public’s unwavering support provides Elyana with strength and hope, knowing she is not alone in her battle. The remarkable response reflects the resilience and empathy within society, reminding us that together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need./TISG

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