Hong Kong star Gallen Lo is rumoured to be suffering from cancer after he was spotted at a cancer centre in Hong Kong on November 10. Media outlet Hong Kong East Net reported that the 57-year-old lost weight and was wearing a cap, sunglasses and mask as though he did not want to be recognised.

According to insiders, Lo has been going to the medical centre in Shau Kei Wan for treatment for a couple of days and he usually sets his appointments in the morning where there are less people.

It was also reported that Gallen seemed familiar with the staff and was often seen chatting. After three hours, he left the centre and headed to a nearby eatery with his driver for a meal. Gallen appeared not to have much of an appetite and stopped eating after a few bites. When he took off his jacket, it looked like he seems thinner.

Lo was asked by Hong Kong media about the rumours and he told them that he was at the cancer centre to visit a friend. He took his COVID-19 swab test and saw a doctor while he was at the centre.

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When asked if he’s suffering from cancer, he denied it, saying: “No such thing. Don’t worry, I‘m fine.”

Gallen Lo says that he is fine. Picture: YouTube

The actor reassured everyone that he is “very well” and that he goes for health checks regularly.

He added that he was back in Hong Kong to visit his son from his first marriage, 21-year-old Alex, and to deal with some matters.

Alex had left for Canada while Lo is serving his 14-day quarantine in Shenzhen before heading to Yangzhou for a shoot in a couple of days. Rumours of Lo having cancer is nothing new. He was rumoured to have had liver cancer before. After he left in 2002 to pursue his career in China, Chinese press reported that he had liver cancer. However, it was untrue.

Gallen Lo is married to Chinese actress Sophie Su and is now based in China. Earlier this year, he jumped on the live stream bandwagon but response has been underwhelming.