Entertainment Celebrity Angelababy sends lawyer's letter to netizen for starting a false rumour

Angelababy sends lawyer’s letter to netizen for starting a false rumour

Angelababy takes action after she is linked to pop idol Cai Xukun




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Once again, there is another round of speculation about Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s marriage being on the rocks.

And what sparked it was a tiny reflection in a photo (although that will not be the first time that it has caused trouble for someone). A friend of Angelababy recently posted a photo of both of them chilling on a yacht out at sea.

Normally one would see it as a simple holiday snapshot, but eagle-eyed netizens pointed out that a young man could be seen on the boat’s rear-view mirror.

That sparked rumours about Angelababy’s romantic life. Netizens soon determined that the man caught on the mirror was 22-year-old Chinese pop idol Cai Xukun, who had also shared a photo of himself on what was said to be the same yacht in the same outfit. Angelababy, 32, and Cai are both regular cast members on the Chinese variety show, Keep Running (aka China’s version of Running Man), so it is not a surprise if they hang out together.

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Rumour has it that Cai Xukun and Angelababy are dating. Picture: Weibo

But rumour has it that the two of them are seeing each other and that Angelababy purposely brought her friend with her on the supposed ‘love boat’ to throw people off the scent. Soon, the topic of this “married woman and her little fresh meat lover going out to sea” began spreading like wildfire on Weibo. Another Keep Running star, Hong Kong pop idol and NCT/WayV/SuperM member Lucas Wong, had to intervene to control the damage, according to 8days.sg.

Wong posted a clip of himself wakeboarding and wrote, “Baby jie brought us out to play”, strongly hinting that it was just one big platonic group outing of friends and colleagues. Cai commented on Wong’s post with a photo of both of them with Chinese singer Winwin, who is also a member of NCT and WayV, to drive the point home and end the speculations.

An insider also shared that the Keep Running cast and crew were in Sanya from May 28 to May 30, and that they had a day off on May 29, which is when Angelababy invited a few of the others to join her on that yacht trip. So there was no romantic getaway for Angelababy and Cai. Angelababy’s publicity team issued a statement saying that her work studio has already sent a lawyer’s letter to the person who started the rumour on Douban.

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Angelababy’s poor friend who uploaded the photo that sparked the drama felt compelled to take down the photo and implore the public to stop spreading rumours. She also declared that in order to protect Angelababy, she will refrain from sharing any more updates about her outings./TISGFollow us on Social Media

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