Belinda Lee & Donita Rose: Best friends forever!

Singapore ― It’s always a beautiful thing when close friends stay true to the test of time. Fellow actresses Belinda Lee and Donita Rose are a testament to that with their 23 years of friendship.

On Oct 6, Singaporean actress Lee took to Instagram and Facebook to pay tribute to her friendship with the Filipino-American actress Donita Rose.

Alongside the post, Lee added photos of the duo, smiling happily towards the camera. She also posted black-and-white photos featuring both of them on social media.

Here is the heartfelt tribute Lee wrote on social media:

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in the heart. 23 years of friendship with Donita Rose has made such a beautiful impact on my life.
Dee, thank you for showing me how to be strong, loving and brave. Your ability to always laugh and look on the bright side of life is a powerful testimony for all to see.
You’ve been there for so many special moments in my life especially during my wedding. You’ve been my friend through the best and worst of times, and you were always there to lend me a listening ear, be it over a phone call or in person.
I want you to know I’m eternally grateful to have a wonderful friend/sister like you. I love you so very very much……Here’s to 23 years of friendship and still counting! 🎉❤️❤️
Go tag a true friend and tell him/her how much you appreciate them. ❤️
Photo: Instagram screengrab/Belinda Lee

Donita Rose then responded on Lee’s Instagram comment section:

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Awwww sis….what a very short but amazing time of reconnecting since your wedding. I couldn’t stop praising God for His faithfulness in your life, that even after all the struggles and trials, you have emerged as a strong woman of faith who has come full circle. You have always been beautiful to me, both in and out but the dust has now settled into a strong foundation that cannot be shaken bec youve chosen to build on our Rock. So so so proud of you and relieved that you found a man who truly loves you and shares your beliefs. It made all those years of praying for you worth the while! Love you so much!

Isn’t this just beautiful? May their friendship continue to grow stronger each day, and for years to come. /TISG

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