YG Entertainment’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, is experiencing great success with their debut fan meeting tour. They recently shared behind-the-scenes footage from their Tokyo concert on the 15th.

The airport was filled with fans eagerly awaiting BABYMONSTER during their first overseas appearance.

Welcomed by enthusiastic cheers, the members arrived in Japan, quickly overcoming their initial nervousness and diving into rehearsals with impressive professionalism.

Photo: Instagram/BABYMONSTER

Packed with excited fans

On the day of the fan meeting, the venue was packed with local fans excited to meet BABYMONSTER for the first time. Fans took photos in the photo zone, striking the group’s signature poses and creating a warm atmosphere.

The BABYMONSTER members couldn’t contain their excitement. Each found their own way to calm their nerves and took to the stage with determination.

They thrilled the audience with a range of performances, including songs from their repertoire and their premiere reality show stages, after they opened with “SHEESH” to a standing ovation.

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High energy

The energy remained high throughout the event. BABYMONSTER’s live performances and stage presence captivated the fans. The members charmed the audience by speaking fluent Japanese during talk time, demonstrating their versatile talents.

Their energy carried into the second performance the next day, entertaining about 26,000 fans over two days.

“We were touched by how you enjoyed our songs and dances,” they said in appreciation. “We are grateful that you let us complete the task joyfully.”

Strong ticket sales

BABYMONSTER’s debut fan meeting tour, ‘[BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE]’, showcases their strong ticket sales.

Due to high demand, they added an additional performance on July 31, increasing their scheduled performances in Kobe, Japan, from two to three despite being a weekday.

BABYMONSTER, sometimes referred to as Baemon, is a promising new K-pop girl group under YG Entertainment.

They debuted in April 2024 with their first mini-album, “BabyMons7er,” and are set to connect with more fans across six cities in Asia with ten performances.