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AVA issues food recall alert for Farmland Tuna Chunks




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By: Kheng-Liang Tan

The AgriFood & Veterinary Authority (AVA) said in a press release on Friday (16 Sep) that their rountine food safety checks have found high levels of histamine in Farmland’s canned Tuna Chunks.

Histamine in food is a chemical that is naturally found in fish species in the Scombroid family, such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and anchovy. High levels of consumption may result in the following:

– tingling or burning in or around the mouth or throat
– rash or hives on the upper body
– drop in blood pressure
– headache
– dizziness
– itching of the skin
– nausea
– vomiting
– diarrhoea
– asthmatic-like constriction of the air passage
– heart palpitation
– respiratory distress

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Such symptoms usually occur within a few minutes to a few hours of consumption and last from 12 hours to a few days.

The release added that they are now working with the importer to recall the affected batch.

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