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Annie Yi, a 51-year-old Taiwanese singer, divorced her husband, Harlem Yu, back in 2009. They were together for 9 years before their separation. The couple had a son, Harrison Yu, who was 7 years old during their divorce. Harrison is now 20 years old and is now studying in New York. 

The question that remained unanswered was: What was the cause of their divorce? Recently, the actress finally revealed the reason for her split up with Harlem. 

Annie said that she does not feel the security she was longing for in her previous marriage – mainly because she was not able to fully get over the trauma with her own family. Due to her issues, she ended up hurting other people, especially those around her. 

It was due to her personal life problems. 

“I didn’t prepare myself for marriage well. I was feeling very tense the whole time,” she stated. 

Going into showbiz at the age of 18 also had a toll on her life as well. She admitted that she clung to her relationship with Harlem to overcome all of her problems – her fear of love, the pain from her own family, and even her past relationships. It was only years later that she realized her way of thinking was negative and toxic. 

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“He’s not a doctor,” she exclaimed. “He’s here to be in love and find a wife.” 

The 54-year-old actress is now married to the 44-year-old Chinese actor, Qin Hao. Their 10 years age gap did not concern their newly found love story. Annie Yi gave birth to a baby girl in 2016 named Milly Qin. Together with her daughter, she moved from Taipei to Shanghai to be with her new family.

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