Frat boys receive $319,000 via Go-Fund-Me after defending the American flag

A Go-Fund-Me initiative made for the frat boys swiftly gathered close to $50,000 within hours but has now reached $319,000, aiming to host a celebration for fraternity members at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The fraternity gained attention for their valor in safeguarding an American flag during a recent campus protest.

According to Newsweek, UNC Chapel Hill’s main quad, and demonstrators replaced the U.S. flag with one belonging to another country, sparking confrontations amidst broader demonstrations. Pi Kappa Phi brothers gallantly ensured the flag remained aloft, despite facing verbal abuse and projectiles.

Titled “Pi Kappa Phi Men Defended their Flag. Throw ’em a Rager,” the campaign’s initial target of $15,000 quickly soared to $35,000, $50,000, $211,000 and now $319,000. The fundraiser, lauding the fraternity’s patriotism, surged toward its new goal, recognizing their remarkable act.

Frat boys receive $319,000 via Go-Fund-Me after defending the American flag 

Furthermore, these men are seen as patriots among the conservative crowd on X. They believe that protecting the American flag should be the utmost interest of every American regardless of their class, religious background, racial background and ethnicity. 


In addition to this, users state that doing the right thing will always pay off eventually. Whilst some are saying that it is quite a tough thing to do, they do agree with this sentiment. Many are in shock seeing the strong support these men are receiving. 


Following that, others add that they too have sent donations to their Go-Fund-Me page. An X user states that the college life is not to be engrossed with political issues but for the students to enjoy their youthful years. 

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