Entertainment Celebrity After 72 days and the cheating scandal, finally seen in...

After 72 days and the cheating scandal, Andy Hui finally seen in public

In the past 30 years, I have experienced a lot. I have gone through depression, my career has had ups and downs, and I survived some of the lows of life and the complexities of marriage:




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– After the cheating scandal with that occurred over two months ago, was finally seen in public.

The singer and actor was spotted by media going out alone on June 27 (Thursday).

He appeared to have been wearing the same clothes as that night in the taxi where he was caught being too intimate with TVB actress .

Hui accepted the media and lowered his car window to answer a few questions, reported asiaone.

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The 51-year-old singer admitted that he was “feeling better” since the scandal blew up.

“I hope I can come to terms with myself well,” he told Apple Daily.

“I will do what I am supposed to do and come to terms with myself,” he added.

Andy was on his way to Yuen Long from his residence at Repulse Bay when he was spotted by media at about 3:30 pm.

He went to a male friend’s residential estate and stayed there until about 10 pm. He told journalists that he was meeting up with friends that night.

Hui denied staying in touch with Wong, who is perceived to be currently residing in Los Angeles, and added, “Be yourself and face up to mistakes.”

On his relationship with his wife, superstar , Andy confirmed having appeared in one of her Instagram stories on June 20 which fans assume was the first time they were seen together since the scandal.

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He did not, however, confirm if he would be present at the Cantopop singer’s upcoming concert next month. She will be having 13 shows in July, with each one already sold out.

Cheng’s public appearance was about a month earlier on May 14 where she was seen entering a rehearsal studio.

She wore a face mask and did not try to avoid the media. Cheng even stopped for photos.

She did not, however, answer any questions regarding the scandal.

In what seems to be an update on her relationship with Hui, Cheng gave a sneak peek on her latest song which featured her husband and the scandal.

The snippet to We Grew Up in the Same Way, was posted on Instagram on June 27, and it gave references to some of Cheng’s low points in life.

She wrote how the struggle with mental health and a rocky marriage gave her inspiration for the lyrics of the song.

“In the past 30 years, I have experienced a lot. I have gone through depression, my career has had ups and downs, and I survived some of the lows of life and the complexities of marriage,” she wrote in the caption.

“I had to bid goodbye to an arrogant outlook on life and know more about gratitude and humility,” she added.

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