Netizens want to see ministers paid millions of dollars doing their job in Parliament; demand parliamentary live feed


Netizens have rebutted Senior Minister of State for Health and Communications and Information, Chee Hong Tat’s remark last week that “the reason why we (parliament) don’t have a live feed is because this is not in great demand” by launching an online petition for the government to initiate live video feed of parliamentary sessions in the interests of transparency and accountability.

The petition was initiated by netizen Chee Hong Lau and will be delivered to the Parliament of Singapore and the Workers’ Party’s NCMP Leon Perera, who brought up the issue of live video feed of parliamentary sessions in the House last week.

Gunning for 200 signatories, the petition has garnered about half the target in four days. Signatories who have backed the petition have asserted that they have a right to know what’s going on in the House as their reason for signing the petition:

Lin Yihui Sharon: It is important for the government to be transparent and accountable to the people. It is important to see the participatory performance of million-dollar salaries ministers doing their job.

Carl Lang: It’s my right to know what’s going on in my country!

Leelavathi Singaram: Transparency is badly needed in our governance.

Nunthini Sivalingam: We are supposed to be a democracy. I have a right to know what’s going on.

Corinna Liang: We need to be concerned n know what and how is being debated in the parliament. Why should we give blanks to unscrupulous people to decide our fate!

David Ong: We are living in 21st century now? Still can afford live telecast for our parliamentary debate? What was “no demand” our minister was referring to as we are not talking about buying and selling here? Really rubbish reply indeed.

Sign the petition HERE.

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  1. Live streaming you will probly see many fail to return after kopi break, or worse never even turn up at all, empty seats. Last time NMP Eugene had to remind Speak #notmypresident Halimah to call them back to vote for a Bill. 15k per month part time good to earn.

  2. Please get all your Singaporean friends to sign this petition (dun pay money when asked). It is time we demand for more accountability and transparency to see which MPs are doing a great job be it incumbent govt or opposition party. Live streaming means no way for editing or filtering.

  3. Can see many unhappy fellows Singaporeans. Just keep reminding ourselves to vote 3 to 4 GRCs and all single wards back to the people. Never mind if the oppositions are not well educated, not holding highly paid jobs, etc. We want ‘people’ MPs and not career MPs who are part-timers serving people. Keep pestering your spouses, your parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, nieces and nephews, to vote the people in. Enough is enough.

  4. The parliamentary proceedings were live before. But some of the inarticulate MPs sounded autistic and did not auger well. An image consultant was even engaged to help them look good. So I don’t think it would go live again. The MIWs prefer editing out the parts making them look silly.