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YouTube partners with Singapore’s Mediacorp




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MediaCorp, Singapore’s biggest content creator partners with the world’s leading video-sharing platform, YouTube. The collaboration of the two giants aims to deliver enhanced product experiences for both audiences and advertisers within Singapore.

The partnership backed by YouTube’s Player for Publishers (PfP) programme, merges Mediacorp’s comprehensive, award-winning content with the reach and marketing prowess of YouTube’s platform. The PfP programme provides video hosting, streaming and ads management platform to publishers.

“We’re glad to welcome Mediacorp as a PfP partner in Singapore. Tailored to the needs of the media industry, PfP’s goal is to reduce complexity, increase reach and revenue potential. It adds to Mediacorp’s multiplatform offerings while providing YouTube users with – more great content that will educate, excite, engage and inspire YouTube audiences globally. We hope that our technology will provide a solution as one of Mediacorp’s movements to reach larger audiences,” Ajay Vidyasagar, Regional Director, YouTube Partnerships said.

Similarly, Mediacorp’s Chief Commercial and Digital Officer Parminder Singh is very enthusiastic with the new collaboration and said, “We are pleased to be YouTube’s PfP partner in Singapore. This strategic partnership enables us to offer our extensive range of brand-safe, quality content to the die-hard fans and digital natives of the YouTube communities. YouTube and Mediacorp share a passion for delivering great content and developing holistic advertising solutions to marketers, helping them reach the most engaged audiences in Singapore.”

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PfP enables MediaCorp to expand its network to better connect consumers with its news videos. The said programme will provide Mediacorp with better control of its advertising opportunities on YouTube through PfP’s specific features, reducing costs and simplifying the video infrastructure to be able ti deliver the most optimized user-experience to Mediacorp audiences on YouTube.

Mediacorp has over 40 products in four languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil) on TV, radio, its over-the-top service Toggle and other digital platforms, reaching 99% of people in Singapore every week. Globally, YouTube has over 1.9 billion logged-in users each month with more than 400 hours of content uploaded onto YouTube each minute. According to Alexa Internet, the website is ranked the second-most popular in the world.

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