Lifestyle Food Woman with S$11K F1 VIP access shares what she feasted @ event

Woman with S$11K F1 VIP access shares what she feasted @ event

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"Everything here is free! And it's basically an all-you-can-eat buffet," she wrote

SINGAPORE: “It’s basically an all-you-can-eat buffet,” a TikTok user said of the food made available at the Paddock Club at last weekend’s F1 Singapore Grand Prix, posting a video of sushi, caviar, tuna, tempura, all-you-can-drink at a cocktail bar, as well as desserts from Cedric Grolet.

Of course, the food at the Paddock Club came at a price: a three-day pass costs S$11,000. Single-day tickets are less costly, but not by much. Still, because TikToker @graceglazee got to do something most of us can only dream of, many people wanted to see how the rich live it up, with her Sept 17 video reaching more than 257,000 views.


Everything I ate at f1🏎🏁 #f1 #f1tiktok

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“Everything here is free! And it’s basically an all-you-can-eat buffet,” the TikToker wrote in the captions, adding that the day’s agenda was to eat as much as she was able before the race began.

Her first stop: the iconic Japanese restaurant Nobu. There, she enjoyed a number of seafood, both raw and cooked. “Fatty tuna was way too good,” she enthused.

From there, she headed to a cocktail buffet at Paradiso where her second drink came with cheese, then onto Dani Garcia, a restaurant with three Michelin stars, for more drinks, caviar, three servings of lobster, and some uni, which she again described as “way too delicious.”

“I can’t believe how much we’ve eaten at this point but it’s all so good,” she said.

And if you think the TikToker was too full and wanted to skip dessert, think again, because treats from famed pastry chef Cedric Golet were in the house.

“All you can eat Cedric Grolet pastries? I think I’m in heaven!” was her caption at this point, before adding that she realizes that she’s actually happiest when she’s eating.

And just before the race started, she had a cup of coffee.

The TikToker added snippets of more food she had been unable to try but vowed to be back.

Many TikTok users have commented on her post, including one who gently corrected her, writing, “Nothing is free. That’s the cost of the ticket.”

A three-day access pass costs a cool S$11,00 this year. Whew!

“Your life my dream,” wrote another.

Another asked, “Can I be your +1 hahaha?,” while one chimed in, “Next year can you bring me go?”

Someone who had the opposite experience from @Graceglazee.

wrote, “Hehe i had Mcdonalds during F1!!” /TISG

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