Doja Cat

Doja Cat, the rapper-singer, stirred controversy by urging fans not to bring children to her concerts, bluntly stating, “leave your mistake at home.” In tweets, she emphasized her music isn’t child-friendly, questioning why parents would expose their offspring to explicit content. 

While some fans agreed her shows aren’t suitable for kids, they criticized her for labeling children as “mistakes.” Commenters expressed discomfort with her choice of words, condemning her for insulting their children. 

Amidst the backlash, Doja Cat faced accusations of disrespecting her audience, with some questioning her attitude towards fans. The incident ignited a heated debate on social media about appropriateness and artist-fan relations.

Doja Cat slammed by fans for calling their kids a “mistake” 

Furthermore, some are suggesting that there could be toddlers out there that are into her music. This is despite the clear warnings on her song albums that the content on it is not appropriate for children. The singer has made it clear that her music is only for adults. 

In addition to this, fans have listed the explicit song titles she has released in the past and agreed that this music is not made for children. It seems that she refuses to allow underaged individuals in her concerts due to the backlash that Sam Smith and other celebrities received in the past. 

Others claim that most of her audience is actual children. This could possibly be true as her songs are constantly viral on platforms like TikTok. It could be due to the fact that her songs are rather catchy. 

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