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Prior to this, the fight for the LGBT community has been a tough one. In recent history, it had prominence in the 1970s fighting for the rights of the community. However, conservatives of today find their acronyms to be a little peculiar as especially in Canada, where the Two Spirited individuals are also involved with the community. 

It appears that a significant portion of individuals are not too keen with the 2SLGBTQ+ movement. The Charlatan reported, Carleton University’s rainbow crosswalk faced vandalism last weekend, sparking concerns about homophobia on campus. Abby McIntyre, university communications officer, confirmed an individual caused the damage, which Facilities Management and Planning promptly addressed. 

Campus Security collaborates with Ottawa Police Services for investigation. Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) expressed profound disappointment, emphasizing campus spaces as safe havens for diverse communities. Both university and CUSA statements urge affected individuals to seek support from the Gender and Sexuality Resource Centre (GSRC). 

Conservative annoyed with the 2SLGBTQ+ movement 

Furthermore, X users state that this movement in particular is weird. Some are even questioning if the two spirited individuals even belong in the community. Critics argue that making a group becoming as complex as this could also possibly be one of the reasons behind the rise of conservative gays and lesbians. 


In addition to this, others claim that the movement has now changed into either a “religion” or “cult.” Regardless, the name has garnered several critics and additionally they seem to be uncomfortable with the avid promotion of it. There are several memes on the internet depicting that the modern conservative is in support of the plain old “LGBT” community rather than the complex “2SLGBTQ++” movement. 

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