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For four months, a StarHub subscriber was charged S$200 a month for services she didn’t use, only to discover that an unknown person was maximising the free SIM card. She found this out after calling the StarHub hotline.

A Facebook user shared on October 20 how her phone bill charges ballooned for no reason. “For four months now, I have been charged S$200 a month on my StarHub bill. This was intended for my mom, and my mom doesn’t use YouTube, neither does she game,” said the original poster.

“There’s no way she’s gonna be using 10-20 GB of data on a monthly basis,” she explained.

When the woman studied the bill and called the StarHub hotline, she discovered that a free SIM card was issued with the subscription, which she never received.

Upon calling the number, a domestic helper named Wati picked up, she said.

“I didn’t ask for a new SIM card. How can StarHub just issue a SIM to me?” she asked in the post.

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If StarHub insisted that I be given a new sim, why is Wati using it? Why did I not receive it,” she added, still wondering who the individual was using the SIM card all along.

“I didn’t receive this SIM card; I shouldn’t be paying for someone else’s bills.”

The original poster said she was currently waiting for some answers regarding the charges. She also warned others to practise extra caution.

She would have never known someone else was using a SIM card was issued with her subscription had she not called the StarHub hotline.

Photo: FB screengrab

The incident served as a reminder to others to always check their phone bills for unnecessary or fraudulent charges.

It appears that others went through similar experiences. “Happened to me before. Someone used my ID to register a new line and phone. And the best part is that delivered successfully. They didn’t even check your id upon delivery. Police reported and case close,” said Facebook user Aizat Wahab.

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“The bill says it’s on a 24-mth plan, which means there likely is a contract tied to it. So this ‘free SIM card’ excuse is probably just the cost of the card. Someone has signed a contract in your name,” explained Facebook user Valerie Sim.

“Exactly, they did this to me too. I just ported the line within five days, and they charged me S$99 for those days, which are like almost a month. Not to mention I just paid S$179.94 for the advanced prorated fee they claimed,” shared Facebook user Angie Lee.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to StarHub for a statement and will update the article accordingly./TISG

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