SINGAPORE: A woman who relocated from Singapore to Canada took to social media to express her regret, especially after seeing how expensive certain food prices are in Canada.

The Facebook (FB) user posted photos on the Complaint Singapore FB page that showed the produce sold at a T & T Supermarket in Edmonton, Alberta, the largest Asian grocery store chain in Canada.

She noted how surveys have shown that Singapore is a very expensive country, but prices for certain ingredients are cheaper there than elsewhere.

“Why on earth (did) I come to Canada? Now I regret I resigned my job in Singapore,” she wrote.

In Singapore, fresh chilli padi cost 50 cents, while in Canada, she paid $3.62. The Philippine citrus calamansi, meanwhile, which she can also get for 50 cents in Singapore, costs her $8 for 12 pieces.

“That 100-year-old sweet potato leaves for $9.37 while in SG I can get S$1 for a beautiful fresh one, that useless soft eggplant omg the price!!!

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I went to the supermarket and believe me I almost got a heart attack,” the netizen wrote, punctuating her post with two crying emojis.

But it’s not just the food that she missed, writing:

“There’s no beautiful place like SG … those authentic foods no more!!!!!!!!!  Those friendly Singaporeans no more!!!! Those annoying but funny ah pek, ah ma no more!!!!

“I love and I really miss SINGAPORE more than any country in this world.”

In comments to the post, she wrote that she is originally from the Philippines but worked as a caregiver in Singapore for 10 years.

As her family had moved to Canada, she felt she had no choice but to join them there.

Netizens endeavoured to help the woman understand that due to importing costs, produce from Asia is naturally more expensive in Canada, especially in more remote areas.

Prices in cities such as Montreal and Calgary are likely cheaper than where Ms Bonita is.

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“Comparing and complaining on imported produces doesn’t make sense, as like strawberry, blueberry, cherry are significantly cheaper in Canada than in Singapore,” wrote one commenter.

Others encouraged her to plant vegetables and fruit, which would help her spend less, while some advised her to buy Asian produce from mom-and-pop shops instead of grocery chains.

Some pointed out, meanwhile, that home and car ownership are much more expensive in Singapore than in other places in the world. /TISG

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