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Woman described as ‘foreigner’ hits security guard who detained her for evading taxi fare




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Facebook user Isaac Cheng shared the video of a woman (who he described as a foreigner), hitting a security guard for detaining her for evading to pay her taxi fare. It is unclear when the incident happened, but the video clip was uploaded early this morning.

The woman is seen kicking and slapping the security guard, an older Indian woman. When the security guard refused to unrestrain her even after the assault, the woman can be heard saying ‘I f***ing carry money’ before hurling more expletives at the security guard.

Isaac described the woman as being drunk and the one filming the incident can he heard saying ‘she will surely go to prison for this (assault)’. Two other men were in the video clip. One is seen desperately trying to intervene and protect the security guard from being assaulted. He was asking both parties to wait for the police to arrive.

The security guard’s hands can be seen to be bruised from the incident. It is unclear if any arrests were made. In Singapore, voluntarily causing hurt is a non-arrestable offence.

Update: According to Facebook page Roads.sg the incident happened at Enggor Street near Springleaf Tower. Another video shared by the page showed the same woman behaving fiercely and rudely with a man (believed to be the taxi driver).

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