In a video that went viral, a local TikToker told the story of how she went to Malaysia (with some Straits Times journalists no less) and nearly got scammed—by themselves.

A Malaysian man who had loaned Ms Nicole Liel and the journalists she was traveling with his Touch ‘n Go card to pay the toll went all the way to a highway pit stop after them to return RM200 ($59.1) they had paid them—because the toll only cost RM4 ($1.18).


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“You know all these reports about Singaporeans getting conned or getting their stuff robbed in Malaysia and s*** like that. I just want to say that sometimes it’s really our fault,” the TikToker said self-deprecatingly.

It all started when she and her companions realised they did not have the necessary card to pay the toll when they were already near the gantry.

“We were right at the gantry with no Touch ‘n Go card, you know.”

However, she came up with a solution, since she is, after all, a”problem-solving content creator, creative brain” among “all these boomers.”

They were able to make it past the gantry with the borrowed card, with an open door no less.

Her companion who dashed to the other car to borrow the card had given the man RM200 because she thought that’s how much the toll cost.

But what most likely happened is that the man told her how much the balance was on his card.

This high amount, nearly $60, did not make sense to the TikToker, given that some farmers pass tolls several times a day.

“In my head, I was like, did we just pay RM200 for the Malaysian equivalent of an ERP?,” she said, adding, “The math was not math-ing.”

Next, the group thought the toll actually cost RM50, and so they got RM150 back from the man who leant them his card.

But to their surprise, he caught up with them at the pit stop. 

Ms Nicole said, ”He’s like ‘guys, guys, the toll not so expensive, the toll only four ringgit,’” adding, “It’s not the Malaysians rob us leh, it’s we ownself give away money just like that.”

“So moral of the story is Malaysia really boleh and Singaporeans sometimes really damn bodoh,” she said in the viral TikTok.


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