Asia Malaysia Video: Malaysian man challenges police over 'stupid' comment

Video: Malaysian man challenges police over ‘stupid’ comment




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A video that is going viral in Malaysia shows an Indian man (by voice) challenging Malaysian police officers to bring one of their colleagues who allegedly called him bodoh (stupid in Malay) and kelling pariah.

Malaysia police scold public stupid.

Posted by Thamil Selvan on Monday, 5 June 2017

The video does not explain the real situation of the incident that the Indian man is complaining about, but on the Facebook posting of Thamil Selvan several comments by Facebook users gives a faint picture of the incident prior to the video being filmed.

In the video, the Indian man (unidentified) scolds the police women asking them why their colleague called him names.

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He insists on seeing the policewoman, but the latter does not appear in the video while her colleagues told the man that she already apologised.

But the man, not willing to accept the apology, continued with insistence to challenge the officers, saying why are people who wear the uniform calling others ‘stupid’ which he claims was not right.

However, there are no indications how the incident started except that the man was accompanying a family of four, with two children to make a police report when the incident happened.

One of the police woman hinted in the video the incident started with the man calling the police woman stupid, which he seemed to forcefully deny.

The video below is another episode of the event:

The father of the abused baby girl is feeling tormented.

Posted by Chakravarthy Ganesan on Monday, 5 June 2017

The plot thickens with this video in which it is said the father of the ‘abused baby girl’ is feeling tormented and decided to make a police report.

The video had 2700 shares at the time of publishing here.

Some people who commented on this video said: Hello bro,d lady save your daughter lah.pls thing negative.

There is no idea whether it is the police woman they are talking about or someone else.

 Others are saying: “To blame others you take video, but the one who beat the kid is your mother in law,”
Another one said: “the father has to take the blame for not finding out about his child, but if the person did not take the video, no one would know what happened to the child.”

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