BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BTS’ Jimin have achieved a significant milestone with their collaboration song “VIBE,” as it surpasses 200 million streams on Spotify.

The song, unveiled on Jan 13, 2023, serving as the pre-release single for Taeyang’s second mini-album, “Down to Earth,” not only signifies Taeyang’s inaugural solo endeavour but also signifies Jimin’s fifth solo track on their Spotify profiles to achieve this noteworthy milestone.

VIBE’s enduring popularity has led it to achieve the 200 million stream milestone precisely one year and one month after its initial release.

The song, characterized by Taeyang’s soulful vocals and Jimin’s harmonious contributions, has created a unique musical synergy that resonated with global audiences.

Collaboration magic

This accomplishment underscores the enduring appeal of Taeyang and Jimin as individual artists and emphasizes the collaborative magic they bring when working together.

With “VIBE” continuing to gain momentum on Spotify, this achievement solidifies the powerhouse status of these K-pop icons, heightening the anticipation among fans for their future musical collaborations and endeavours.

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The collaboration between Taeyang and Jimin on VIBE, released as the prelude to Taeyang’s second EP, “Down to Earth,” marked Taeyang’s comeback after a five-year hiatus, now under YG Entertainment’s subsidiary, The BLACK Label.

The official announcement of their collaboration in early 2023 brought joy to fans, and the song not only attained success on international charts but also secured accolades, including a first-place win on M Countdown and nominations at esteemed award ceremonies like the Fact Music Awards and MAMA Awards.

Lasting impact on the global music landscape

Written by Taeyang and Vince, with a composition featuring talents like Teddy, Kush, Jimin, and more, VIBE showcased a fusion of musical prowess.

The triumph of the track firmly establishes the collaborative brilliance of Taeyang and Jimin, creating a lasting impact on the global music landscape.

Taeyang debuted in 2006 as a member of the iconic South Korean boy group BIGBANG. He is known for his powerful vocals, smooth dance moves, and charismatic stage presence.

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Taeyang has contributed to Big Bang’s music as a singer-songwriter and producer. BIGBANG went on hiatus in 2017 with members fulfilling their mandatory military service, and while there haven’t been official announcements about future activities, they remain one of the most influential groups in K-pop history.

Jimin trained in modern dance at Busan High School of Arts before becoming a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment. He debuted as a member of BTS in June 2013 with the single “No More Dream.”