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Tourist who complained about how Thai girlfriend was treated at Changi Airport roasted by Singaporeans




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Facebook user Gergely Debreceni reviewed Changi Airport unfavourably in facebook and alleged that his Thai girlfriend was denied entry into Singapore only because she could not prove that she had sufficient funds to last for the intended period of stay in the country.

He further alleged that the Singapore immigration “confiscated her phone, money, and all her belongings, and locked her up”.  Gergely lamented that he had to spend Valentine’s Day alone as his girlfriend was refused entry.

He said that despite assuring him that his girlfriend would get proper food and accommodation while she was detained in the Singapore immigration awaiting repatriation, these were not taken care of.

He vowed never to visit Singapore again, describing it as a “shit place” where it rains every day, and where everything is expensive.

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Commenters who responded to his Facebook post however roasted him for his rant and refused to believe his version of why his girlfriend was refused entry into the country.
Others took offence that he described Singapore as a “shit country” and asked him to stop whining.

The Singapore Immigration however does have several conditions for tourists who want to visit Singapore, and among them is the condition that they have sufficient funds to last for the intended period of stay in Singapore.


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