Entertainment Celebrity Top 10 BLACKPINK merchandise in your area! Must-haves for all Singaporean BLINKS!

Top 10 BLACKPINK merchandise in your area! Must-haves for all Singaporean BLINKS!

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Curious about where to buy your BLACKPINK merchandise? We got you covered!

BLACKPINK is in your area!

The popular K-pop group of four talented girls, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo, had dominated the world and captured the hearts of fans around the world who call themselves BLINKS.

And now Singapore BLINKS have a chance to capture some of BLACKPINK’s merchandise in your area too! 

BLACKPINK Official Lightstick version 2 

If you are a K-pop fanatic, you must know that each group has their signature lightstick. This is a lamp/light that fans usually bring during concerts to show their support for their idols.

BLACKPINK’s Official Lightstick version 2 is designed like a hammer, with two heart heads. This exclusive YG Entertainment product can be connected via Bluetooth to change colours through one’s phone. During concerts, the lightstick will be synced with the venue’s light system for more vibes and feels. 

Photo from Weverse Shop


Appreciate BLACKPINK’s discography by collecting their comeback albums! These albums include a CD, photo cards, and posters every K-pop fan wants to own. They also release Korean and Japanese albums for everyone to enjoy. 

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As of writing, here are the released albums and songs of BLACKPINK: Square One, Square 2, BLACKPINK (Japanese Album), RE: BLACKPINK, Square Up, ‘BLACKPINK In Your Area’ (Japanese Album), Kill This Love, Kill This Love (Japanese Album), How You Like That, The Album, and Born Pink. 

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Photo from Weverse Shop

BLACKPINK hoodies, t-shirts, and more! 

Fans can never go wrong with BLACKPINK apparel. One way to show your pride in being a BLINK is by wearing BLACKPINK official or inspired clothing. Even though official merchandise can sell out pretty fast, you can still buy or make your own BLACKPINK clothing design. 

Photo from Weverse Shop

BLACKPINK bucket hats, jewellery, and other accessories

Level up your fashion styles by partnering your BLACKPINK-inspired clothes with these themed accessories. You can choose from various tote bags, bucket hats, necklaces, bracelet sets and earrings, keychains, beanies, and many more!

Photos from Weverse Shop

BLACKPINK plush dolls 

Embrace the cuteness of BLACKPINK plush dolls wherever you go! It has four dolls which represent each member. This YG official merchandise can be lit up as your concert or sound trip buddy to your BLACKPINK playlist. 

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Photo from Weverse Shop

BLACKPINK Vinyl Collection 

Vinyl records will never be out of style! Currently, BLACKPINK has two vinyl records for purchase. One is from their debut Korean-language studio album, The Album, while the other is a Born Pink record. These vinyl records will surely make your listening experience unique and give you that vintage aesthetic vibe.

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Photo from BLACKPINK’s website

BLACKPINK Korean learning books 

Learning Korean is more fun with the presence of your inspiration – your K-pop idols. Grab this educational content package, BLACKPINK IN YOUR KOREAN, where you can explore the Korean language while also appreciating Korean culture. You’ll be learning with a main character called ‘Blinky’ and spend time in BLACKPINK’s house to spend a day with the girls. 

This package contains two textbooks, a pocketbook, a role-play kit, and Korean keyboard stickers. There is also an optical camera-equipped ‘MotiPen’, which tells the correct pronunciation of Korean phrases and translates them into English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Photo from Weverse Shop


Bond with BLACKPINK and play the group’s ‘In Your Area’ monopoly. This board game is exclusive merchandise in Singapore, and it will make your monopoly sessions more fun with its pink-theed board. Also, there are special curated currency notes, dice, and other things that are all monopoly stuff inspired by BLACKPINK.

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Photo from Weverse Shop


Good shoes will take you to places. You may purchase these BLACKPINK slides and be proud of your fanbase wherever you go. This ‘In Your Area’ slide has a simple yet classic black design, with a touch of pink that says the girl group’s name. 

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Photo from Weverse Shop

BLACKPINK photocards 

Photocards are the fastest-selling K-pop merchandise items. Collect your BLACKPINK photocard sets from each album release and also get a chance to have limited edition cards dedicated to individual members. You can also buy, sell, and trade these photo cards with your fellow BLINKS.

Photo from Koreaboo

Curious about where to buy your BLACKPINK merchandise? 

You may purchase them on Weverse Shop, and BLACKPINK’s Official Merchandise Tour website. 

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