Linda Evangelista and Dolly Parton share a similar perspective on communication—they’re selective about who they engage with. Parton, renowned for only being reachable via fax, explained her aversion to texting on The Drew Barrymore Show. Her reason? She prefers not having the obligation to respond to everyone who contacts her. According to the singer, she does not want to talk to everybody that talks to her. She doesn’t text because she does not want to have to answer.

Acknowledging she could learn texting, she prioritizes other things and leaves technological details to her team. Despite being a “low-tech girl in a high-tech world,” Parton values efficiency, preferring to use her fax machine to relay her creative ideas to her crew. Parton says that she has too much to think about and would leave it all to her team. She emphasized the scarcity of time and the dislike of being glued to her phone all day.

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Contactable through fax

Even close associates like Miley Cyrus communicate with her via fax, with intermediaries converting messages into texts for Parton’s convenience. Others like Kenny Rogers and Reba McEntire echoed similar experiences, highlighting that Parton solely relies on her trusty fax machine, refusing emails, texts, or even landlines.

Parton’s goddaughter, Miley Cyrus said that she has to jump through various hoops to contact her. Cyrus tells Seth Myers on Late Night with Seth Myers that she contacts Parton through fax. Parton is rarely on the phone and she has someone scan the fax then put it into a text message which is then sent to the former Disney star.

Parton’s unique communication style emphasizes her iconic status while hinting at the value of stepping away from constant screen interaction. Her unconventional approach to communication suggests that if she wants to reach out, she’ll find a way—be it through traditional means or perhaps even a carrier pigeon. Ultimately, she’ll respond if and when she desires, maintaining control over her interactions.

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