In a chat with Kylie Jenner for Interview magazine, Jennifer Lawrence dismissed speculation about any cosmetic procedures on her face, attributing her transformed appearance to makeup techniques and the passing of time. Lawrence is grateful for her makeup artist and not a plastic surgeon.

Acknowledging the transformative power of makeup, Lawrence humorously referred to her makeup artist Hung Vanngo as a “plastic surgeon.” She clarified that despite rumours of eye surgery due to her altered look, it was solely the result of makeup techniques. Lawrence said it was incredible what makeup can do because with Hung Vanngo, he overlines the lip. Lawrence jokes that he is a plastic surgeon because everyone in the past few months is convinced she had eye surgery.

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Losing baby weight

After appearing slightly different at the Dior Fashion Show, Lawrence faced online rumors of undergoing procedures like lip fillers and a nose job.She countered by emphasizing the natural changes one’s face undergoes with age, mentioning her transformation from her teenage years to her thirties. The “Hunger Games” star started at 19 so the before and after photos from when she was 19 and 30 showed that she matured and she lost baby weight in her face. She added that her face changed because she has aged.

Lawrence highlighted how her facial features naturally altered due to aging and weight changes, asserting that her nose remained unchanged while other facial aspects shifted. Kylie Jenner, sharing her own experiences with assumptions about her appearance, emphasized how makeup and evolving styles over the years could lead to misconceptions about cosmetic alterations.

Jenner denied major surgical enhancements

While Lawrence addressed plastic surgery rumors for the first time, Jenner reiterated her stance against such assumptions, clarifying that she had only received fillers and denying major surgical enhancements. She emphasized being confident and debunked the misconception of undergoing extensive surgeries to alter her appearance, especially now that she’s a mother.

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