“Gorlock The Destroyer”

Ali C. Lopez, known as Gorlock The Destroyer is now dubbed as the “queen” of the internet. This is after her several appearances with YouTubers along with increasing her exposure to social media users. She has since made a name for herself, ever since appearing on a podcast show earlier this year. 

Her popularity now means there are many negative and positive comments about her journey to stardom and this contribute to her exposure, creating an interesting online dynamic.

Another reason why Gorlock The Destroyer is a queen is that she would not date anyone who is “broke.” According to The Daily Star, social media influencer Ali C Lopez, known as “Gorlock The Destroyer,” boldly champions her preference for financially stable partners. She asserts that her success and financial independence dictate her dating choices, affirming she’d never consider a relationship with someone lacking financial stability.

Hailing from Arizona, this 23-year-old influencer has a clear criterion when it comes to men: what she terms as “six foot money.” While she doesn’t strictly confine herself to dating perfection, she emphasises the importance of her potential partner having their own financial resources.

Speaking candidly on the One Night With Steiny podcast, Ali clarified her stance: “It’s not just about avoiding someone who’s broke; I genuinely wouldn’t entertain dating someone with financial struggles.” Asserting her financial autonomy, she highlights that she sustains her own lifestyle, sparking her preference for a partner who can match or exceed her financial standing. 

Influencer dubs “Gorlock The Destroyer” a queen 


Recently, an influencer went viral on X after posting a video of him buying Ali C. Lopez a car. It’s not just an ordinary car, but it is a pink Range Rover, and we can clearly see the excitement on her face. Furthermore, she also received a Rolex watch in the video alongside a Chanel classic flap handbag. 

Despite the memes popping up about her on X for example, her popularity is growing on social media.

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