Tan Kin Lian

SINGAPORE: Tan Kin Lian obtained his Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on Friday (August 18) qualifying him as a Presidential candidate.

Lim Tean took to social media on Friday (Aug 18) morning announcing that September 1 will be a public holiday. If more than one person qualifies to run for the presidency, Singaporeans will cast their votes on Sept 1, which will be a public holiday.

In a letter to Mr. Tan Kin Lian, Cindy Choo, Secretary of the Elections Committee wrote: “The Committee noted that you were the Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited for a period exceeding 3 years. Based on the information available to the Committee, it is satisfied that you are a man of integrity, good character, and reputation.

The Committee is also satisfied, having regard to the nature of your office in NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited, the size and complexity of NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited, and your performance in the office, that you have experience and ability that is comparable to the experience and ability of a person who has served as the chief executive of a typical company with at least S$500 million of shareholder’s equity and who satisfies Article 19(4)(a) of the Constitution in relation to such service.

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The Committee is also satisfied that you have the experience and ability to effectively carry out the functions and duties of the office of President”.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr. Tan for comment. /TISG

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