Featured News Calvin Cheng predicts a two-horse Presidential race — Tharman and Tan Kin...

Calvin Cheng predicts a two-horse Presidential race — Tharman and Tan Kin Lian

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"In my opinion , of the 3 private sector candidates, Tan Kin Lian has the best chance of qualifying... I think that in the end, the Presidential Election will be between Mr. Tharman and Mr. Tan Kin Lian," he wrote on his FB page

SINGAPORE: Calvin Cheng took to social media over the weekend (Aug 12), predicting that the Presidential Election will end up being a two-horse Presidential race between Tan Kin Lian and Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Four people have declared their intention to run. Former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, businessman George Goh, former GIC chief investment officer Ng Kok Song, and former presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian have thrown their names into the hat.

Former Nominated MP Calvin Cheng wrote: “In my opinion, of the 3 private sector candidates, Tan Kin Lian has the best chance of qualifying”.

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He explained: “This is because in 2011, the PEC said “The Committee is of the opinion that the organization (NTUC Income) is comparable in size and complexity to a company with a paid-up capital of S$100 million.” It’s not a huge leap of logic to ascertain that NTUC Income (which TKL says had 17 billion in assets) is comparable to a company with 500m shareholder equity”.

Mr. Cheng added that Mr. Goh has a harder path. He added that Mr. Goh’s lawyers “have put together a very strong argument that several companies with combined shareholder equity of more than 500m are equivalent to one company with more than 500m. The PEC may not agree. However, I hope the PEC will consider that George Goh was not merely a hired gun, but the entrepreneur who built these companies from scratch”.

With regards to Mr. Ng, Mr. Cheng added that he has “an even harder path”. While his role as Chief Investment Officer of GIC is an important one, “Mr. Ng has to prove that his role is as complex and important as a CEO of a 500m equity company. This is not easy”, he added.

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Mr. Cheng concluded that he believed the Presidential Election would be between Mr Shanmugaratnam and Mr Tan.

Polling Day for Singapore’s Presidential Election will be on Friday, Sep 1, if more than one candidate qualifies to run for the post.

Nomination Day is set for Aug 22.

Applications to run in the Presidential Election opened on Jun 13.

To be nominated as a candidate, the person must deliver his nomination paper, along with the Certificate of Eligibility, the Community Certificate, and the Political Donation Certificate.

Applications for the Certificate of Eligibility and the Community Certificate will close on Aug 17.

Each candidate must pay a deposit of S$40,500. This can be done before Nomination Day.

Nomination proceedings will occur at the People’s Association auditorium at King George’s Avenue between 11 am and 12 pm on Aug 22.

The returning officer is Mr. Tan Meng Dui, chief executive officer of the Housing and Development Board.

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If there is a contest, Polling Day on Sep 1 will be a public holiday. /TISG

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