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Stories you might’ve missed, July 13

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‘Why don’t you shop where the locals shop, like Sheng Siong, NTUC or Giant?’ — Netizens school New Yorker who says groceries in Singapore are expensive


Photo: TikTok screengrab/kindofabigd

SINGAPORE: When a New Yorker in Singapore shared his “Cold Storage secret” over TikTok after exclaiming about high grocery prices, he probably wasn’t expecting locals to give him tips on saving money on food shopping.

TikTok user Matt D in SG, who goes by @kindofabigd on the platform, said in a July 10 video that “Groceries in Singapore can be so expensive. $11.90 for asparagus… $16 for six free-range eggs… in the meat aisle, prosciutto is $17,” which he had bought for Є3 in France.

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Man earning $25K/month says his wife made it sound like he didn’t earn enough


Photo: wavebreakmedia_micro/ Freepik (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: A man who earned about S$300,000 annually said he became upset after talking about salary with his wife.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the man asked other netizens for advice as he was lost. He said that his wife comes from a comfortable family. “We were having a conversation one day and she made it sound like I’m poor and don’t earn enough. I got upset. Then she got upset. I ended up apologising to her because I didn’t want her to be upset”, the man wrote.

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‘Cai png stall ALWAYS brings most profits each month, yet people think cai png is value for money?’


Photo: Economical Rice/Wikimedia Commons (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: Cai png, or economy rice, isn’t just a meal in Singapore. Like in many other South East Asian countries, it’s an institution.

And because we probably all have our experience with cai png, many netizens responded when u/EducationFit5675 wrote, “Share your Caipng horror stories. Should Caipng be regulated? How?” On r/Singapore on Tuesday (July 11).

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SG$1 = MYR3.50 — Singapore dollar all-time high against Malaysian Ringgit: What’s happened?


Photo: Freepik (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE: This week, the Singapore dollar has posted a record high against the Malaysian Ringgit. On July 13 (Thursday), it reached SGD1 = RM3.47.

In May, the ascent of the Sing dollar against the Malaysian currency was already newsworthy when the rate was at S$1 to RM3.41, while in May 2022, it was at S$1 to RM3.20.

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Maid gets 2 Sundays off in 1 month and is compensated for the remaining two; asks about months with five weekends


Maria Edilma Aguilar puts an apron on as she prepares to work as a maid.(Photo by Raul ARBOLEDA / AFP)

SINGAPORE: A discussion about mismatched expectations between employers and helpers brought up an issue where contractually, a maid got two Sundays off in the month with her being compensated for the remaining two Sundays she worked. However, the helper then asked what would happen if there were more than four weekends in the month.

In an anonymous post to a support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, a man said: “There seems to be numerous complaints between employee and employers regarding unmatched expectations, many of which are the complaints are the same issues and problems but from different employers or employees. I’ve attempted to compile a list of questions and expectations that a prospective employee should be aware of before accepting a new position. Hopefully, this will help address problems between the two parties before they become a serious issue”.

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