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Morning Digest, July 14

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“Should I quit my job?” — Singaporean asks for career advice after working for boss with mood swings



SINGAPORE: A young Singaporean recently took to an online news forum to ask others whether she should quit her job. Among her reasons for considering doing so were her boss’s mood swings and her being overworked.

“I’m 25, female, and currently in a marketing job,” an online user shared on Tuesday (July 11). She approached an online news forum with a pressing question for Singaporeans: “Should I quit my job?”

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“Look for rental in HDB instead of Condo” — Singaporeans advise newbie


Photo: Taken from unsplash.com/kz

SINGAPORE: An individual on the verge of moving to Singapore for the first time has turned to Singaporeans, asking them for local advice and recommendations for living in the country. Many did not disappoint, sharing quite a bit of helpful tips.

“I’m moving to Singapore, what should I know?” an online user asked Singaporeans in an online news forum on Tuesday (July 11). “I’m moving to Singapore in a few weeks and it’s (going to be) my first time living alone abroad for my course at PSB,” the netizen shared. “I would appreciate (it) if any of (you could) drop some recommendations for cheap food, the do and don’ts, some Singaporean slang, etc.”

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‘This is not an airplane seat; this is a hotel room in the sky’ — YouTuber raves about Singapore Airlines’ first-class Suites cabin


Photo: YouTube screengrab

SINGAPORE: Half-American, half-Swedish content creator Nonstop Dan gave two thumbs up to the first-class ‘Suites’ cabin on a Singapore Airlines flight, raving over the features of the cabin, which he described as more like a hotel room than an aeroplane seat.

What he loved best was that the middle wall between his flying partner’s cabin could be lowered into a double suite, turning the bed to fit two people and allowing them to socialize during the flight.

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SG$1 = MYR3.50 — Singapore dollar all-time high against Malaysian Ringgit: What’s happened?


Photo: Freepik (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE: This week, the Singapore dollar has posted a record high against the Malaysian Ringgit. On July 13 (Thursday), it reached SGD1 = RM3.47.

In May, the ascent of the Sing dollar against the Malaysian currency was already newsworthy when the rate was at S$1 to RM3.41, while in May 2022, it was at S$1 to RM3.20.

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‘Why don’t you shop where the locals shop, like Sheng Siong, NTUC or Giant?’ — Netizens school New Yorker who says groceries in Singapore are expensive


Photo: TikTok screengrab/kindofabigd

SINGAPORE: When a New Yorker in Singapore shared his “Cold Storage secret” over TikTok after exclaiming about high grocery prices, he probably wasn’t expecting locals to give him tips on saving money on food shopping.

TikTok user Matt D in SG, who goes by @kindofabigd on the platform, said in a July 10 video that “Groceries in Singapore can be so expensive. $11.90 for asparagus… $16 for six free-range eggs… in the meat aisle, prosciutto is $17,” which he had bought for Є3 in France.

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