SINGAPORE: A missed meal on board a recent Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight seems to have worked out for good in the end for former actress Jacelyn Tay.

When Ms Tay did not get the special chicken meal she had asked for while on a flight from Singapore to Frankfurt, Germany, the airline apologized to her and also gave her a S$150 voucher for any purchases she makes onboard.

Ms Tay recounted the incident in a May 30 Instagram post. She jokingly added, “Now I am happy that the chicken never arrived 🫢🤣🤣. Good service recovery I must say. Frankly, other than the chicken, everything else was perfect though. Love the crew.”



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The text on the IG video she posted was also full of praise for the airline, especially for the food, noting that the lunch she had been served was “full of protein.” She described the food as “great”, and added that the “fresh vegetables” only had “natural flavours” as elsewhere, meals can have a lot of additives.

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Ms Tay also wrote that even in Michelin restaurants, she has been served dishes with sauces that have artificial colorings or additives that have caused her to break out in rashes.

She added that she has a newfound gratefulness for the SIA crew, perhaps in an oblique reference to flight SQ321 that had to make an emergency landing in Bangkok on May 21 after sudden and severe turbulence caused the death of one passenger and injured dozens of others.

“Now I appreciate them even more as it is a tough job serving us with the frequent turbulence. I myself was scared when in the lavatory and the plane went a little shaky. No joke, salute them,” wrote Ms Tay.

In the wake of flight SQ321, Singapore Airlines made changes to its cabin rules to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. Some of the new changes have reportedly been stressful for the cabin crew as meal services are interrupted during turbulent moments on the flight as everyone, including them, is required to take their seats and fasten their seatbelts.

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Perhaps this is why Ms Tay is showing them extra love.

She ended her post by writing, “SQ is always my preferred airline for travel, anytime anywhere. As a Singaporean, do support our own brand so that we fly high! ✈️🇸🇬💪🏻❤️👏👏” /TISG

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