SINGAPORE: “Is anyone feeling the strain? Is anyone feeling the financial stress, the challenges of unemployment, and the ridiculous situation we are in now? To me, things are getting worst. Prices going up, jobs are becoming difficult to get, and it makes me feel suffocated. Is it just me?” asked u/Endeavourwrites on r/SingaporeRaw on Wednesday (Apr 26).

And with 135 comments and counting on the post, it’s likely that he’s not alone in feeling this way. Some netizens tried to be reassuring, telling the post author that these feelings will pass.

“The global economy is not doing well right now so it’s normal for you to feel this way. I went though the same multiple times, join the work force during the dot com bubble burst. We went through more of the same during the global financial crisis.

All I can say is this, this is not going to be permanent, pull through this and better days will come,” wrote one.

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Another chimed in, “You’re not the only one 😂. I know of people earning 10k also complain not enough. Last time our parents time earn 5-6k can have a very comfortable lifestyle buy condo buy car etc. Now earn 10k also cannot afford car, can only stay hdb. Seem like the more we earn , the further out aspirations are from us. Singapore dream my foot 🦶

“Every time we have got close (to buying a house) it seems the goal posts moved and everything went up in price,” wrote yet another Reddit user.

Another wrote that while salaries are higher, so are prices. “The thing is, pay went up but prices of things went up a lot more. We end up paying more for the same flat previous generations owned.”

One admitted that he also “definitely” felt “suffocated.”


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