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Singapore singer to sue Louis Vuitton outlet after his young baby suffers second-degree burns at the store




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Singaporean singer Harris Baba has revealed that he plans to sue a Louis Vuitton outlet at The Gardens in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after a light fixture fell on his daughter, causing the baby to suffer second-degree burns on her face and hands.

Baba, a former contestant on Singapore reality singing show The Final 1, wrote online:

“A very hot light cover from the high ceiling that was loose fell directly on Baby Aleena causing her to have 2nd degree superficial burn on her face and both her hands…The wound will take months to heal and we will have to send her for laser afterwards to remove the scar.
“We take care of Aleena so well but due to other people’s negligence and mistake, Aleena had to pay the price. A simple thing like fixing a light also cldnt be done properly in such a big and well known boutique. Alhamdulillah it wasnt a 3rd degree burn. If it was, the scar wld be for life. So heartbreaking to see Aleena like this. Thk God it didnt drop on her eye. Cld have caused blindness. Her marks can still heal and disappear. Its just gona take some time.
“Alrd made police report and engaged a really good lawyer to sue and fine the boutique.”

The singer who is now a television star across the Causeway further clarified:

“Its so sad, disappointing and embarrassing to know that so many people think im suing and fining the Louis Vuitton boutique at The Gardens just for money. Im not suing and fining them for the MONEY. Im suing and fining the boutique so that this accident doesnt ever happen again to someone else’s son or daughter or to anyone! Im suing and fining them so that they never take this matter lightly ever again. So that they make sure they take very well care of their maintenance and safety towards their customers.
“As a father i cant bear to see my 8 and a half month old baby girl like this in such a situation. How do you expect me to forgive and forget so easily. U expect me to forgive them and walk out of the boutique with a smile on my face knowing that my daughter has suffered from a 2nd degree superficial burn on her face and both her hands? Just coz they apologised to me means everything is okay? Means my daughter is okay? Well NO!
“To all the people who think negative of me and to think that i just want the money, by all means pls do. I just pray u never face the same situation as me or my daughter. Im doing this for my Baby Aleena.”


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