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Yishun man goes missing before being found dead at Sembawang plant nursery pond




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A 69-year-old Yishun resident was reported missing by his wife before investigating police officers found him dead in a pond at an isolated plant nursery along Sembawang Road on Friday morning.

The deceased, lorry driver Mr Zhuo, was found half naked in the pond where he is believed to have fallen and drowned.

His wife, 64-year-old Ms Tan, told the Chinese daily over the weekend that her suspicions were aroused when she was unable to contact her husband since last Thursday:

“My husband would normally call me by 8pm even if he was working overtime or helping out in the nursery. However, on Thursday night, I never received any calls and it was already past 9pm.
“I felt that something was off.”

The worried wife filed a missing persons report to the police when she did not hear from her husband by 5am. Around 9am, the police notified the devastated wife that they had found Mr Zhuo’s body and vehicle at the nursery.

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Ms Tan had actually tried to look for her husband at the nursery before the police found him, but was not able to find the obscure location during her and her brother’s search for Mr Zhuo:

“I had only gone with my husband to the nursery once as it is just too far. My brother and I could not even locate it.”

Mr Zhuo, who is not survived by any children, was subsequently identified at the scene by his relatives.


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