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Security guard attacked by foreigner gets $179 medical bill – Police lets assailant go after taking statement




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Facebook user Scheena Pil said that the security guard who was assaulted by a foreigner yesterday incurred a medical bill of over $179 for her treatment. Scheena whose Facebook profile suggests that she is a condo manager said that the Police let the assailant off after questioning. She described the injured guard as ‘her guard’ (the guard is presumably working in the condominium she manages) and said that she hopes the security company will allow her to claim the medical expenses.
1Facebook user Isaac Cheng first shared the video of a woman (who he described as a foreigner), hitting a security guard for detaining her for evading to pay her taxi fare. It is unclear when the incident happened, but the video clip was uploaded at about 12.30am on Thursday (8 Dec).

Police have confirmed that they were alerted to the incident at 11.10pm on 7 Dec and that they are investigating the case as one of voluntarily causing hurt. In Singapore, voluntarily causing hurt is a non-arrestable offence.

The video clip shows the woman kicking and slapping the security guard, an older Indian woman. When the security guard refused to let her off even after the assault, the woman can be heard saying ‘I f***ing carry money’ before hurling more expletives at the security guard. The video also showed the the guard sustained bruises from the assault.

Isaac described the woman as being drunk and the one filming the incident can he heard saying ‘she will surely go to prison for this (assault)’. Two other men were in the video clip. One is seen desperately trying to intervene and protect the security guard from being assaulted. He was asking all parties to wait for the police to arrive. The other man in the video is the affected cabbie.

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The Union of Security Employees (USE) also responded to the incident in its Facebook and said that it “expects all stakeholders to show respect to our security officers and reiterate that any form of abuse towards the officers is unacceptable.” USE further added that that the security officer works for one of its unionised agencies and that it has offered assistance to the company.

In an a video which surfaced earlier, the same woman can be seen behaving in the same fierce rude manner with the cabbie she has a fare dispute with. She is seen trying to kick and slap the taxi driver.

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