Ryu Jun Yeol found himself embroiled in controversy following reports of his relationship with actress Han So Hee, facing criticism from netizens who urged Greenpeace Korea, of which he is an ambassador, to sever ties with him.

Responding to public concern, Greenpeace Korea issued an official statement on March 22, 2024.

The statement addressed the demand for Ryu Jun Yeol’s removal from his ambassadorial role due to his romantic involvement with Han So Hee.

Criticism stemmed from speculation that he had misled his previous girlfriend, Hyeri, and swiftly entered into a relationship with Han So Hee instead. Concerns were raised, leading some citizens to withdraw donations from the organisation.

Photo: Instagram/Han So Hee

Facing scrutiny

Despite being hailed as a prominent activist in South Korea’s carbon neutrality movement, Ryu Jun Yeol’s public image faced scrutiny following allegations of indulging in environmentally harmful activities such as golfing.

Netizens demanded his removal from Greenpeace Korea, citing these actions.

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In their statement, Greenpeace Korea highlighted Ryu Jun Yeol’s active participation in the organization’s initiatives since 2016, culminating in his appointment as ambassador in 2023. They stressed that his involvement had been voluntary.

However, in light of recent events, they announced plans to reassess their decision and engage in discussions with sponsors. Additionally, they pledged to review ambassadorship criteria for future appointments.

Dating rumours

The dating rumours surrounding Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee surfaced after fans spotted them together in Hawaii. Subsequent online interactions between Hyeri and Han So Hee fueled speculation, leading to public scrutiny.

The couple eventually confirmed their relationship, prompting Hyeri to apologise on Instagram for any hasty reactions.

Ryu Jun Yeol is a famous actor, activist, and photographer. He began his career in independent films and gained recognition for his role in “Socialphobia” (2015), which earned him the Rising Star Awards at prestigious film festivals.

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He achieved international fame through his breakthrough role in the record-breaking drama series “Reply 1988” (2015-2016). This role also landed him numerous Best New Actor awards in South Korea.