SINGAPORE: A concerned citizen has taken to social media over a problem with birds at Yishun Ring Road, saying that they have even attacked children recently. While he has contacted the authorities, he says he has not received a satisfactory reply.

On the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Sunday (June 2), Mr Fhadlee Mhd wrote that he’s had no response from the Town Council and NParks “for weeks.”

The issue appears to have been exacerbated by “inconsiderate” residents who have been feeding rice and jackfruit to the birds and leaving the trash from these food items behind while watching the birds from a distance.

“Therefore there were a lot rubbish on the sidewalk. And yes, suddenly we the residents felt like living in a rubbish chute. Not only rubbish which affected the residents but the noise pollution created by these birds made residents everyday,” wrote Mr Fadlee.

He added that he and the other residents do not know how to solve the problem, to whom to channel their concerns and even who to tag in posts.

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“Do we really need to wait for things to happen seriously then our government will do something?

So if one day one kid kena by these birds n probably scared n run n fell into drain or knocked onto or whatever reasons then government stepped in? Why they cannot anticipate n prevent first….why?” he asked.

This is hardly the first time residents have had issues with birds in the area. For over a decade, problems with bird droppings and loud noises have inconvenienced different ones.

Residents have complained of being unable to rest or sleep properly because of the loud noises birds make, bird faeces on their laundry hanging on lines, or feathers on their balconies.

It is a problem that the Nee Soon Town Council has had to battle for years.

In 2018, for example, Mothership reported that residents in the area need to deal with the smell of bird poop from July through April each year due to as many as 7,300 swallows roosting Yishun.

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Last year, when one person reported rampant bird feeding in Yishun, the Nee Soon Town Council said the matter had been referred to Parks, and educational banners and standees were put up in the area.

Feeding pigeons anywhere in Singapore is an offence under the Wildlife Act, and first-time offenders may be fined as much as S$5,000. Repeat offenders may need to pay as much as S$10,000.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Fhadlee, Nee Soon Town Council, and NParks for further comments or updates./TISG

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