International Asia Rebecca Lim and Pierre Png reunite for new TV drama series

Rebecca Lim and Pierre Png reunite for new TV drama series

The Land Is Mine series is based on post-World II Singapore




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Singapore — Stars Rebecca Lim and Pierre Png have reunited and set to play cousins in The Land Is Mine, a new Mediacorp drama series produced by Lee Thean-jeen.

The Land Is Mine is based on the 2011 novel, The Devil’s Circle. The series is based on  post-World War II Singapore and follows up-and-coming lawyer Dennis Chiang (Png) and clerk, his cousin June (Lim).

Photo: Rebecca Lim / Instagram screengrab

Photo: Pierre Png / Instagram screengrab

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This isn’t the first time Lim and Png will be working together as they share quite a history of starring in the same movies throughout the years.

According to, this may be their fifth or sixth collaboration.

Interestingly enough, Lim and Png played opposite roles in their previous projects, such as The Defining Moment, Mata Mata 2: A New Era, C.L.I.F 5, Missing and the most recent, A Jungle Survivor.

Their acting careers aside, their friendship can be rather entertaining.

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Lim shared how Png would pull her leg by jokingly forgetting the number of their collaborations. He would also deliberately miss mentioning their abduction thriller, Missing.

“‘Oh, how many shows have we’ve worked together before?’ and he would forget to mention Missing,” Lim said as she mimics Png. At that point, she’s unsure if Png does this too with his other co-stars.

From Png’s perspective, seems that their 2008 movie The Defining Moment (also starring Fann Wong) is one that Lim would like to forget.

“We had a kissing scene and we always laugh about it and end up shaking our heads in unison,” Png shared.

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Lim laughed as she added: “Because Pierre was paired with Fann and I was, well, a calefare.” At the time, she was new to the scene before her landing her big break in The Pupil in 2010.

With that said, the stars expressed their excitement towards working with producer Lee Thean-jeen again.

“I know the show is inspired by historical events and, being a sucker for history — especially Singapore history — being part of this show is something that resonates with me. The courtroom scenes in this show are something I’m both excited and anxious about,” he said.

As for Lim, she didn’t hesitate to accept the offer to star in The Land Is Mine despite not knowing the storyline. And surely, she didn’t regret it after receiving the script.

She found her role as June to be an inspiring character to play as she noted how women didn’t have the opportunity to pursue their dreams back after war.

“But June actually dares to dreams, dares to achieve greatness despite the bumps she faces along the way. That to me is a huge ,” she said.

The Land Is Mine is scheduled to premiere on Aug 10 at 9.30 on Channel 5 and meWatch. So stay tuned! /TISG




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