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There has been much ado on TikTok about why Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have a perpetually disgusted expression on their faces. Also known as ‘stink face’, many people think it’s because of the extensive plastic surgery the duo have done. 

Jenner, 26 and Kardashian, 43 have been said to be fond of using cheek fillers. According to a board-certified facial plastic surgeon based in New York, Dr Konstantin Vasyukevich this could be attributed to filler injections at the nasolabial folds. 

These are also known as laugh lines. Vasyukevich said that these fillers help to diminish the prominence of deep lines but also they also result in an unusual appearance when a person smiles, depending on their features. 

“People with naturally full cheeks will always have these folds on a deeper side (think of a hill next to a valley,). Smiling, of course, makes these folds look even deeper. When a filler is injected to the area, it makes the folds look shallower. If the nasolabial folds look too shallow for someone with full cheeks, it might make the smile look a bit unnatural.” 

Plastic surgeons on the Kardashians

President of the SSK Plastic Surgery and a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr Sean Kelishadi said that the stink face varies among different people and can be the result of filler migration. 

“I think it’s just a focus of how some photos are taken. With each person, it could be a different reason from atrophy or deficiency of volume at the piriform aperture vs filler migration.” 

In an interview with The Mirror, co-founder of the Prima Face Aesthetics clinic, Eugenia Bonelli said that its very likely that Jenner has been using cheek fillers. 

“Despite her recent claims that she only had lip fillers, in my opinion, the youngest of the Kardashian’s appearance has changed quite a lot over the years. If we have a closer look at her nose, the tip looks much more refined, and the bridge is more narrow. Therefore, I believe one of the first procedures she had at a young age is likely to have been a rhinoplasty,” said Bonelli. 

It looks like cheek fillers may be causing their ‘stink’ faces after all. 

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