A$AP Rocky is due to stand trial in January, facing accusations of firing a semi-automatic handgun at his former friend, A$AP Relli, following a heated conversation. In a recent preliminary hearing in Los Angeles, Judge M.L. Villar determined there was enough evidence for the rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, to proceed to trial for the incident that occurred on November 6, 2021. Despite pleading not guilty to two counts of assault with a firearm in August 2022, Rocky’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, expressed confidence in his client’s vindication outside the courthouse.

A Rocky End?

During the hearing, Detective Frank Flores presented new surveillance footage, capturing two audible pops allegedly associated with the shooting, although not visibly depicted. Flores confirmed Rocky, 35, was seen holding a gun during the altercation in the footage he reviewed. However, it was disclosed during cross-examination that the gun was never recovered. Additionally, the two shell casings retrieved from the scene by Relli (Terell Ephron) two days later lacked fingerprints.

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A$AP Rocky to stand trial on January 8

The trial for the “Praise the Lord” rapper is scheduled to commence on January 8. Earlier in a separate hearing, photos displayed minor injuries on Relli’s left hand’s knuckles. Legal documents reveal Relli filed a civil suit on August 10, 2022, citing assault, battery, and emotional distress against Rocky.

Rocky, who shares two children with pop superstar Rihanna, vehemently denies all allegations in response to the civil complaint filed against him. His attorneys argue that the damages, if any, were caused by actions or omissions of individuals other than Rocky.

Childhood friends

Relli, a former member of the A$AP Mob alongside Rocky, claimed he suffered from bullet fragments after the altercation and sought medical attention in New York City. Both individuals were childhood friends and attended the same high school in New York. Relli testified about a strain in their friendship, which escalated after Rocky’s solo success and a disagreement concerning financial assistance for a deceased friend’s burial. Allegedly overhearing derogatory comments from Rocky before severing ties, Relli recounted feeling relieved to end the relationship.

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