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Kim Kardashian’s 10-year-old daughter, North West, took on the role of a fashion critic in the recent episode of The Kardashians, bringing back the spirit of the Fashion Police show with her candid critiques of the 2023 Met Gala outfits. In the November 23 episode on Hulu, Kardashian likened her daughter’s straightforwardness to Joan Rivers’ style, acknowledging North’s penchant for rating and critiquing outfits. The socialite said that you cannot take the criticism seriously. Getting roasted by a 10-year-old should not be serious but Kardashian admitted that it stings a little.

Not many were spared when the 10-year-old and her cousin Penelope Disick live-streamed the big fashion night. Even Kardashian wasn’t spared from North’s critique, receiving feedback about the gaps in the pearls of her Schiaparelli gown, which North described as appearing “fake” and resembling something from a budget store. The dress was made up of 50,000 freshwater pearls.

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Dressed for gas station, not Met Gala

Kardashian tried to ask for a gentler approach from North, who promised not to lie but hinted at holding back on more negative comments. However, this didn’t extend to others at the Met Gala, especially Kardashian’s ex-partner, Pete Davidson. North didn’t mince words, expressing her disapproval of Davidson’s outfit by humorously suggesting he was dressed for a gas station, not the Met Gala.

Kardashian appreciated North’s honesty but also aimed to teach her daughter about being considerate of others’ feelings. However, when it came to discussing her mom’s ex-boyfriend, North seemed to have a different set of rules. Despite her critical side, Kardashian highlighted North’s caring nature, mentioning her thoughtful gestures like planning a surprise massage for her mom to ease her stress before the Met Gala. The Skims founder admires North’s ability to be a tough critic while also being incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

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