Iconic pop sensation Pharrell Williams has contributed as a songwriter and composer for NewJeans’ highly anticipated Japanese debut single.

According to their agency ADOR, Pharrell Williams has been credited with NewJeans’ debut single ‘Supernatural’ as a songwriter and for its title track.

‘Supernatural’ boasts a nostalgic melody that beautifully intertwines with the emotive vocals of the group members.

ADOR provided insights into the song’s creation, revealing that Pharrell Williams revisited his memorable ad-libs and bridge from the 2009 collaboration ‘Back of My Mind’ with Japanese singer Manami.

Producer 250 has then reinterpreted these elements in a New Jack Swing style, adding a fresh twist to the composition.

Photo: Instagram/New Jeans

Significant influence in global music and fashion circles

Pharrell Williams, renowned for his chart-topping hit ‘Happy’, is a multi-Grammy-winning artist and producer with a significant influence in global music and fashion circles.

NewJeans’ Japanese debut single, ‘Supernatural,’ is scheduled for release next month on the 21st. It features the title track along with another song titled ‘Right Now’.

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Additionally, instrumental versions of each track will be included, totalling four tracks in the single. ‘Right Now’ gained attention when it was partially unveiled on the 9th as part of a commercial for Lotte ZERO.

Collaborations with esteemed cultural figures

Previously, NewJeans announced collaborations with esteemed cultural figures such as Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara, generating anticipation for their unique debut in Japan.

Their upcoming activities, including a fan meeting at the Tokyo Dome upon their Japanese debut, have garnered significant attention. In the meantime, NewJeans is gearing up for a comeback in Korea on the 24th.

Their music video for ‘Bubble Gum’, a track from the pre-released double single ‘How Sweet’ last month, dominated YouTube Korea’s weekly popular music video chart for two consecutive weeks and maintained a strong position on global weekly charts, showcasing NewJeans’ global influence even before the official release of the song.

NewJeans is a hugely successful South Korean girl group under ADOR, a sub-label of HYBE Labels. The group consists of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.