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PAS deputy leader wants 1MDB declassified




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Panic is seeping through the ranks of the pan-Islamic party the PAS over the 1MDB scandal.

Its deputy leader Tuan Ibrahim known as Tuan Man has urged Special Affairs Department director Mohd Puad Zarkashi’s to declassify the auditor-general report on 1MDB.

He said if Puad was convinced there was no wrongdoing, he should urge the government to make the report public.

The report is currently under seal, hidden behind the secrecy act, while PM Najib Razak’s critics said the latter is hiding behind the act to protect his vested interests.

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Tuan Ibrahim also asked what are the major comments and conclusions made by the Auditor-General on the 1MDB audit.

“Has the audit report been successfully completed with all the complete documents?”Is every 1MDB financial transaction overseas audited by the National Audit Department with an international bank statement involving 1MDB?” Asked Tuan Ibrahim in a statement.

Puad targeted Tuan Ibrahim for urging the Royal Commission of Inquiry on 1MDB, pointing out that it is just a case of foreign intervention.

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