Only 10.4% Muslims would support Hudud in Malaysia

Screen grab of PAS flag with Hudud signage

A survey finding said the controversial bill that could pave the way for the Hudud or Islamic Law in Malaysia would only get 10.4% support from the Muslims in Malaysia.

The survey, conducted among 43,030 respondents, indicated that the Islamic party’s attempt to push for the Hudud through the amendments to the existing criminal laws was against the wish of many among the Malay-Muslims in the country.

Titled “Study of voters sentiment regarding the RUU355”, the study is said to be the most comprehensive bill survey findings by Invoke Malaysia, an NGO set up by flamboyant opposition member Rafizi Ramli.

“It is now time for UMNO BN to reconsider supporting Hadi’s highly unpopular bill,” said Rafizi in a statement.

He said the political polemic surrounding the amendments to the RUU355 and which intends to raise the punishment level for cases that goes through the Shariah courts of Malaysia, has now become a national political issue.

A Facebook entry on the repot can be viewed on the following link: Invoke Malaysia RUU355 survey

The full report is available here:

It said 70.1% or 30,173 of the respondents had no idea what was the RUU355 about.

The survey also found that 54.3% of Malay/Bumiputra who said they intend to vote for the PAS did not know about the amendments altogether.

Another 19.5% felt though they had knowledge of the issue, it was not that important to impact the upcoming general elections in Malaysia.


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