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Why no recall of Chevrolet Cruze cars in Malaysia?




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Several readers, who happens to own a Chevrolet Cruze bought from the Naza Quest dealership in Malaysia have complained about the poor after sales services the car dealer has to offer to its many clients.

One owner, who will be named if this matter goes further, said he was flabbergasted and shocked that the car dealership where he bought the Cruze model dated 2010 in 2011, could not fix the car’s gearbox problem.

Instead, the services section said Naza has only two solutions: 1. Buy a new gearbox for RM30,000 or 2. Fix the gearbox at a random shop outside the Naza network.

When asked why the gearbox price was so exorbitant, the services department said: “It is a new gearbox, and we do not have the facility to fix such items here.”

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But the problem gets even worst for the client, when he found out that this model of Chevrolet Cruze had the same problem in the United States, where General Motors apparently organised a recall of the cars.

Yet, in Malaysia, there were no recall.

Not only that, the problems with GM’s cars in the US appeared to be repetitious, that is most of the car models from GM had gearbox and transmission problems very early in their time on the roads.

Which indicates that Naza Quest, the owner said to The Independent, must have known of these problems but did nothing but wait in for the warranty period of three years to pass.

The owner said: “The cars that Chevy offers especially in Malaysia has numerous of problems.

“The worst is that when you car is out of warranty, you will be slaughtered with the cost to for fixing the car.

“And they will blame it on the poor ringgit Malaysia which has fallen in the past two years.”


In our investigation of the matter, one unnamed source said that Chevy’s affiliate and dealer Naza Quest in Malaysia is not willing to even buy back the cars that they sold to people especially those with huge mechanical flaws.

In the States however, there are quite a number of customers having the same problems.

One person said that they have taken their 2011 Cruze to a dealer for about 4 times due to the transmission problems which started in 2012.

The person went on saying that Chevy couldn’t identify the problem but they updated the software in the car’s computer.

The car is said to have only 32,000 miles and the transmission was giving so much problems that GM performed a recall.

In Malaysia, there are no records of any recall on any Chevy cars in particular the Cruze models that has an acute, familiar apparent transmission and gearbox problem that goes hand in hand.

The cost to fix these problems outside of ‘Naza’s network can cost over RM 10,000, plus with the ever worsening economy in this nation, one is to wonder how do some of the people scrape up to pay to fix their car?


The Independent visited Naza Quest’s website in Malaysia, and found that it is full of glamorous claims about the superb qualities of the Cruze models, but there is no warnings of the potential issues that particular model can face within a few years of usage.

The Independent also chatted with a Zeo on their chatline, but Zoe does not seem to have any answers for the questions raised.

The Zoe said a ‘sales expert’ will get back to The Independent on the matter.Follow us on Social Media

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