Home News Nasrudin Compares Malaysian DAP Response to Criticism to the PAP

Nasrudin Compares Malaysian DAP Response to Criticism to the PAP




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After a speech where he criticized the DAP led state government in Penang, state treasurer, Iszuree Ibrahim, was removed from all of his committee posts in the Penang Municipal Council. His removal is seen by many as an attempt to silence those who oppose the policies of the DAP majority government and many are asking for a review of the situation to see if he has been treated unfairly.

One such critic of the move to dismiss the councilor is Nasrudin Hassan, a PAS central committee member. He claims that the government held a grudge against the MP and that these policies are similar to those of the PAP in Singapore when they feel that political rivals are challenging or being critical of their policies.

In a statement to respond to the ouster of Iszuree Ibrahim, Nasrudin said, “It appears the DAP’s action of late takes after the style and approach of the PAP in Singapore, which is to react swiftly to critics by using the power they have, including applying pressure and suing the critics. I view this as among measures to terrify and cow critics and those wishing to comment.”

The dismissal of Iszuree and the ensuing aftermath are in connection to remarks that he made, claiming that the state government held pro-developer policies that were at the expense of the citizens that live in the region. Beyond this, he also claimed that committee meetings were not an open forum for the exchange of ideas, but rather a venue for the government majority to hand-down dictates.

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Nasrudin also went on to criticize the PAS party leadership for not doing enough to support their man when he is under attack from the DAP. He said, “I understand the speech text was vetted by Penang PAS deputy commissioner Mujahid, therefore Penang PAS should take responsibility by defending Iszuree who has been wronged by DAP.”

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