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Najib’s magic wand fails to impress




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Watch Mahathir’s response on Mat Taib’s ‘jumping’ from all parties back to Umno (in Malay).


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak waved his magic wand and the media – as well as the foreign diplomatic corps in Kuala Lumpur – saw their hopes for an early election in the country dashed.

The disappointment of the diplomatic corps could be read in the expressions of the foreign dignitaries in Malaysia after Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s major announcement fell on deaf ears.

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If not for the rile that it has attracted on social-media, the announcement that a former Umno chief minister of Selangor had crawled back to the party after joining the Islamists PAS, had little impact.

Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali apparently stated that Umno was “collecting old newspaper” by bringing back the state’s former Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Muhammad Muhammad Taib to the party’s fold.

Taib seems to be part of Najib’s pro[Malay agenda saying he felt the opposition PKR – which he joined after leaving the PAS – since it was a “loss” for him to be part of the Opposition, especially when the Malay agenda is not prioritised.

“From the (Opposition) meetings I have attended, there is no discussion on the Malay agenda. There was no other way than to rejoin Umno,” he said.

Taib was a former Umno VP and was embroiled in a money scandal in Australia when he was caught with millions in cash upon his arrival in Assie land.

Nevertheless, Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR leader would surely be in a bad mood following Taib’s criticism of the party and of its ‘Malay’ agenda.

However, Mahathir Mohamad former PM who is now a stalwart among the opposition leaders said the Pakatan Harapan (Coalition of Hope) will respect and push Malay rights but not at the expense of other races.

The loss of Taib will have very little impact for the opposition.

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