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Will Najib call for elections today?




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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has called for an urgent media conference that has left both the local political and media world scrambling to guess on his next move.

This has also got the foreign diplomatic entities in the country keeping abreast for information, querying local media outlets whether the PM will announce the much awaited – and some say the long overdue – elections?

However, Najib’s entourage seems to be very silent on what the Prime Minister, who just came back from a ‘fruitful’ visit to the US where he promised to help the Americans rebuild their infrastructure and will urge China to invest billions in the US infra.

Since his return to the Malaysian soil, Najib has Najib credits “Alis, Ah Kaus and Muthus” for Malaysia’s success – though it’s a bit too late since former PM Mahathir Mohamad in a jibe at Najib had lauded the Malaysian workers for their contribution to the economy.

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Najib on Saturday said the rights of the Borneo states of Sabah, Sarawak will be preserved in the Federation Of Malaysia, besides ensuring that the wellbeing of the people of the two states will be appropriately looked after.

However, Najib threw a punch at the Chinese community, warning them they will be the first to be targeted if there is no peace in the country.

The Chinese community would be targeted should Malaysia ever descend into chaos, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said adding that this is why the government is committed to keeping the country peaceful.

“If there is no peace in our country, what will happen? The Chinese will be the first to be targeted if there is no peace in this country.

“That is why we are a moderate government, we are committed to the peace and harmony, mutual respect to this country.

“We fight the Islamic State (terrorist group), we make sure they don’t harm Malaysians including the Chinese in Malaysia,” he said in his speech at the “Malaysian Chinese Patriotic Rally” held at the Putra World Trade Centre on Saturday.

At Kota Kinabalu, Najib said Malaysia is now highly regarded by the world despite the fact that it was formed only 54 years ago.

He said Malaysia was an unknown country on the world map before, but now, the country was regarded by world leaders as a successful nation.

However, he did not say that Mahathir, his nemesis in the opposition, is regarded as the leader who effectively put the country on the world map.

“Who knows about Malaysia then? An agricultural state with small population. But today, we are a successful country.

“The warm welcome and respect were given to me by world leaders, including the latest by the US president himself (Donald Trump) because they see Malaysia as a successful nation,” he said when launching the Malaysia Day celebration here today.

Najib said as a sovereign state, Malaysia was now capable of becoming a capital exporter.

Netizens are furious about Najib’s ‘capital exporter’ allusion saying their pay-checks has remained stagnant for years while their pockets are depleted by rising inflation caused by the goods and services tax.

Nevertheless, Najib may announce the dissolution of the Parliament today or he may simply announce the official deal between his party the Umno and the Islamists PAS, an alliance that he believes may save his regime in the upcoming polls.

Najib may also announce a cabinet reshuffle, though there have been no rumours about such a reshuffle, it is probable that a surprise maybe on the cards this afternoon.


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