Taxi driver unsure of destination; passenger alights & chooses next taxi in line, but sparks argument between taxi drivers


Photo: Taken from Complaint Singapore and Google Maps

A taxi driver took to social media to remind his colleagues to serve the public with the right attitude following an altercation with a stubborn driver who lost a passenger because he didn’t know the directions.

“If you don’t have the passion and enthusiasm of driving a taxi for a living, please quit!” said a Facebook page Complaint Singapore member on Sunday (Sept 25).

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Cyclist with pillion rider swerves out of lane without looking along Balestier Road, collides with vehicle and scolds driver


Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road Vigilante

Road users are advised to practice due care, such as ensuring the coast is clear before entering a lane, to avoid accidents.

A video of a cyclist with a pillion changing lanes recklessly, resulting in a collision, has gone viral, sparking another call from the public to heighten enforcement on cyclists.

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Man raises fist and hurls vulgarities at woman on SBS bus; netizen says ‘Bro thinks he’s in an anime’


Photo: TikTok screengrab

A video of a man clearly frustrated and acting aggressively at a female SBS bus passenger seated in front of him has gone viral on social media.

“This man behaved very aggressively towards an Indian woman on Bus 14,” read the caption of the TikTok video on the incident, which happened on Sept 24.

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Maid says, having to do housework in the morning of her day off takes up her time: ‘It really makes me feel uncomfortable’


You Tube screen grab from the Singapore International Student Film Festival

A maid who had to do basic housework before leaving on her day off took to social media, commenting that it took up her time and made her feel uncomfortable.

In her anonymous post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum), the helper asked others: “Do helpers need to do morning basic housework before they go out for off day?”

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Nicole Seah, ‘At the end of the day, we have the same goals & dreams – To live well, happily & healthily, & to do right by the people around us’


Photo: Fb screengrab/Nicole Seah 佘雪玲
The Workers’ Party’s Nicole Seah appeared to be inspired by the words of one Bedok South resident, who told her during a recent house visit, “What matters is not the size of the bacon you bring home, but the quality of the marinade!”
She wrote in a Sept 24 (Saturday) Facebook post that the resident, whom she designated as “Mr A… regaled us with life stories and his invaluable experience.