A video of a man clearly frustrated and acting aggressively at a female SBS bus passenger seated in front of him has gone viral on social media.

“This man behaved very aggressively towards an Indian woman on Bus 14,” read the caption of the TikTok video on the incident, which happened on Sept 24.

The 15-second clip showed the man forming a fist repeatedly while looking at the person seated in front of him.


this man behaved very aggressively towards an Indian woman on Bus 14. he was eventually asked to leave the Bus #sgtiktok🇸🇬 #sgviral #singapore #singaporebus #fyp

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At one point, he jolted closer to the woman, his fists still aimed in her direction.

Photo: TikTok screengrab

In a follow-up voiceover video, the eyewitness explained that when the Chinese woman in front of the man alighted the bus, a lady of Indian descent moved to the empty seat.

“The moment she did that, he immediately shouted, ‘what the f**k,’” said the eyewitness.

“It immediately shocked me, and I thought maybe it’s just a mistake, or he’s playing a videogame, and he just said it out loud by accident.”

However, the eyewitness observed the man’s behaviour and saw that he kept making a fist and trying to crack his knuckles aggressively near the lady’s head.


follow up from previous video. an eyewitness explains what happened on Bus 14 #singapore #fyp #singaporebus #sgviral #sgtiktok🇸🇬 #sgtiktok

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The man’s actions made the eyewitness uncomfortable, yet gave him the benefit of the doubt, as it might have been a mistake.

When the man kept shouting vulgarities while looking at the lady, it became apparent that he wasn’t happy with the passenger in front of him, said the TikTok user.

“But the lady was doing absolutely nothing, just sitting in the seat. She wasn’t talking on the phone loudly; she wasn’t doing anything…just sitting and looking out the window.”

The man’s actions escalated when the woman began talking on her phone in a normal voice.

“As can be seen in the video, it looked like he was going to punch her,” said the eyewitness.

Photo: TikTok screengrab

Throughout the bus journey, the man also kicked the lady’s seat repeatedly to the point that she would jolt forward, the voiceover noted.

When the lady turned around to look at him, he continued to hurl vulgarities, which caused the eyewitness to alert the bus captain as the situation could escalate into physical violence.

The bus captain was a bit hesitant at first, saying it could have been a friendly fight, but eventually asked the man to get off the bus.

The eyewitness checked up on the lady, who admitted she was scared at what happened.

“I think it’s quite apparent that this man was not happy with this lady or her race, perhaps because he had no qualms about it when a Chinese person was sitting in front of him. I hope this raises attention to the racism that’s still prevalent in Singapore,” said the eyewitness.

Netizens found the man’s actions irritating, noting he could have just moved seats if he was unhappy.

“Bro thinks he’s in an anime,” said TikTok user @sandra in a comment with over 6,000 likes.

“This is so frightening to watch; imagine going through this. Am glad he got kicked out of the bus,” added another TikTok user. /TISG

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