Maid goes home for her father’s funeral; employer initially agrees but cancels her Work Permit after she leaves


Indonesian domestic housemaid Murseh (only one name given), who claims her Malaysian domestic employer did not pay her wages for ten months, watches an Indonesian soap opera on television at a communal area at a shelter for migrant workers inside the premises of the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur, 25 June 2007. Over 1,000 Indonesian workers seek refuge at their embassy in Malaysia every year because they have not been paid by their employers or have been abused, a top embassy official said 25 June. AFP PHOTO/TENGKU BAHAR (Photo by TENGKU BAHAR / AFP)

SINGAPORE: A 31-year-old maid took to social media after she went back home for her father’s funeral but found out that her employer had cancelled her Work Permit (WP) despite agreeing not to.

In a post to a Facebook support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid wrote that she was from the Philippines and had been working in Singapore for almost 11 months. She wrote that her father suddenly passed away and she asked her employer for three weeks of leave, after which she will come back. Her employers agreed and so she left all of her belongings in their house.

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‘Rents in Singapore have tumbled. They’ve literally fallen off a cliff’ says UK real-estate firm owner


Photo: YT screengrab/@MaxChernov

SINGAPORE: In an interview with YouTube Max Chernov, Ms Juliet Standard, a Director at CitiProp Property Management, said that rental rates in Singapore have decreased, reversing skyrocketing prices in 2021 and especially 2022.

Ms Stannard, who had lived in Singapore for 30 years, said rental rates had fallen sharply. “They’ve literally fallen off a cliff. Just all of a sudden there’s been a correction with the supply of new properties.”

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WP MP Louis Chua on Singapore’s public housing dilemma: Homes are expected to be both affordable and an investment


Photo: YouTube screengrab/The Workers’ Party

SINGAPORE: The Workers’ Party launched a series of videos on public housing on Wednesday (Aug 16), with Sengkang GRC Member of Parliament Louis Chua getting the ball rolling by putting his finger on the crux of the matter: that people want their homes to be affordable, and yet expect them to be an ever-increasing asset.

With over 80 per cent of Singaporeans living in HDB flats, public housing is surely part of the country’s success story. In the first instalment of the WP’s mini-series, The Property Slide, Mr Chua noted that public housing costs have increased by over 30 per cent in the past few years.

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Indian restaurants in Singapore will be able to hire cooks from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka from Sept 1


Photo: Freepik (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE: On Tuesday (Aug 15), the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released the application details for cooks in Indian restaurants, which will be able to hire cooks from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

In the past, Singapore employers in services and manufacturing industries have hired work permit holders from China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, and Taiwan. The list has since expanded to workers from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand, or the Non-Traditional Sources (NTS) with work permits.

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‘Kids’ meal?’ — Netizens ask why Sausage McMuffins have gotten so small



SINGAPORE: “The size had reduced significantly…,” wrote a netizen who posted a photo of a Sausage McMuffin in his hand on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Tuesday (Aug 15).

The famed breakfast sandwich fit into the cupped palm of Mr Al Asaraf Omar Chulia’s hand, giving many the impression that it was significantly smaller than it used to be.

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